Material Handling Automation

Designing and planning material transport systems for hospitals

Pharmacy Automation

Managing technological change in your pharmacy

Chain of Custody

Understanding essential elements for chain-of-custody solutions in health care

Speaker's Bureau

Need a speaker or program for your next event or training session?

Swisslog Healthcare Solutions’ vision is to lead change through healthcare automation. One way we achieve that vision is by offering a targeted Speaker’s Bureau that brings customized programs to industry associations, hospitals, trade events, professional summits and other organizations in the communities we serve. Our existing programs cover a variety of health care and technical topics – custom topics are available on request.

Participation in your event is based on speaker availability. If you would like a Swisslog representative to provide a program to your organization, please contact Swisslog HCS Marketing at or 303 371 7770. Please allow 6-8 weeks’ notice.


Material Handling Automation

Material Transport Systems for Hospitals (American Institute of Architects accredited course)*
Stay one step ahead of your competition by learning more about automated materials transport solutions for healthcare facilities while earning a FREE CEU. The Swisslog one-hour AIA continuing education presentation provides tools to help you effectively budget, plan construction timelines, and ensure you’re providing the best solution for your clients.

*Course attendees receive one credit hour of continuing education from The American Institute of Architects.

Important Considerations for Planning a Robot-Friendly Hospital
Robotic delivery vehicles, also known as automated guided vehicles (AGVs) or self-guided vehicles (SGVs), have been widely used in material handling for decades. More recently, these mobile robots are in higher demand in hospitals as a result of changing demographic and healthcare cost-control trends. Operational efficiencies are gained by automating hospital deliveries, allowing redeployment of human resources. Download white paper to learn more.

Designing a Lean Laboratory by Decreasing Waste and Optimizing Workflow
A core belief in lean is that people are an organizations’ most important asset. This is even more critical in hospitals and clinical settings where patients’ lives depend on the work that its employees perform. Properly engaged and leveraged, these employees are a competitive advantage – delivering a better patient experience. Download white paper to learn more.


Pharmacy Automation

Managing Technological Change in Your Pharmacy
A number of issues are driving renewed interest in pharmacy automation solutions. Among these are governmental mandates, patient expectations, safety considerations, an older, sicker population and the need to cut costs. Yet, the deployment of such systems can be disruptive. Pharmacists can mitigate the pain of such implementations by rolling out a change management program. By meeting change issues head on, you will realize the full benefits of your solution sooner. Download the white paper to learn more.


Change Management

Changing the Way You Work: Adapting lean concepts to turn around performance
Denver-based Swisslog Healthcare Solutions has survived nearly 100 years of business. Touring our Denver manufacturing facility, you’ll meet tenured employees that buck today’s employment trends. Challenging our old roots, we’re changing the way we work to drive greater performance and customer satisfaction. What’s more, we’re helping our customers (2,000+ hospitals across the US) to work smarter too. These changes include refocusing efforts to improve quality of service, while improving customers’ ability to provide a better patient experience. These efforts include:
- 1/5,000 performance program with key customers to improve service and customer satisfaction
- Restructuring the Swisslog sales and customer service teams to better serve customers and increase product
- Adopting new performance measurements and improving transparency for greater accountability

Download the white paper to learn more.


The Future of Health Care

Building Your Future:  Meeting tomorrow’s challenges through facility design
Regulatory challenges and patient-centered design requirements have altered the landscape for healthcare facilities. This creates an opportunity for designing, constructing and upgrading facilities that meet the needs of tomorrow.

Attendees will learn:
- Key trends impacting hospital design
- How to apply lessons from history
- What you need to build your future success

Download the white paper to learn more.


Chain of Custody

Understanding the Four Essential Elements for Chain-of-Custody Solutions In Health Care
Pneumatic tube systems have evolved to become critical to hospital logistics. Their essential duty is to efficiently move materials to and from patient care and service locations within the hospital —either for delivery or further processing. Success for these systems is measured when a carrier payload securely reaches its intended recipient free of mishandling, tampering, theft or diversion. In order to achieve this standard consistently, hospital administrators must exercise control over their automated transport systems. And the means to do that is through a chain-of-custody solution. Download the white paper to learn more.

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