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Stay up-to-date on advancements in healthcare automation and how Swisslog solutions foster an environment of continual process improvement and better patient care.

White Papers

- Achieving Supply Chain Transformation through Consolidation - Hospital supply chain is the fastest-growing expense for providers; and second only to labor costs as a budget item. Supply chain complexity and the need to reduce costs are leading hospital supply chain managers to standardize across their network. Consolidation and centralization of resources is creating significant cost-saving opportunities for many hospital systems. This white paper provides effective supply chain strategies to drive down costs, improve patient outcomes and support high-margin services

- Automated Guided Vehicle System (AGVs) and Fire Alarms - Read this Swisslog Healthcare Solutions white paper to better understand fire control system interfaces and egress requirements for hospital robots

- Building a Business Case for Hospital Warehouse Automation - Gaining approval to invest in warehouse improvements, including automation, is a challenging endeavor in most hospital systems. This white paper outlines the key requirements for development of an effective automation business case that will increase your likelihood for receiving senior management support.

- Choosing Pharmacy Automation - Pharmacy automation is a substantial investment. This paper provides guidance on planning for and selecting the appropriate automation solution for your hospital. It will identify key considerations for determining your needs, writing a meaningful RFP and making a vendor selection

- Designing a Lean Laboratory by Decreasing Waste and Optimizing Workflow - A “Lean” business improvement process is centered on preserving value with less work-streamlining process flow and eliminating waste 

- Design Simulation for TransCar® Automated Guided Vehicle System (AGVs) - Read this Swisslog Healthcare Solutions white paper to understand how to forecast the ability of an automated material transport system design to perform the defined workload within the available space and time

- Four Essential Elements for Chain-of-Custody Solutions In Health Care - Read this Swisslog Healthcare Solutions white paper to learn how chain of custody related to automated material transport helps hospital administrators to improve patient outcomes, cut costs and reduce narcotics theft and diversion

- Hospital of the Future - Critical steps to improve clinical outcomes, cut costs, improve safety and meet the challenges of the future today

- Improving Patient Safety and Cutting Costs with Healthcare Automation - Benefit analysis of two European hospitals using automated drug management systems from Swisslog Healthcare Solutions

- Items Transported in Pneumatic Tube Systems - Read this Swisslog Healthcare Solutions report to access survey results from 200 hospital employees regarding what they send through their hospital's pneumatic tube system

- Managing Technical Change in Your Pharmacy - The successful implementation of pharmacy automation solutions requires both project and people management. This white paper details strategies for optimizing the value of automated technologies while minimizing the pain of change across the entire spectrum of users and stakeholders

- Preparing for Pharmacy Automation - Selecting pharmacy automation is a serious decision, followed by major changes to your workflow as the installation process gets underway. This paper provides strategies for planning the installation, avoiding costly errors that cause delays, managing change and associated risks, optimizing your workflow and ensuring a successful implementation.

- The Cost of Doing Nothing: Evaluating Modernization for Hospital Warehouses - Modernizing a hospital distribution center requires significant investment, so many health systems choose to postpone or avoid expansion of warehouse capabilities. This white paper is a guide for scrutinizing the real, and often hidden, expenses and opportunity costs of maintaining the status quo.

- Twelve Important Considerations for Planning a Robot-Friendly Hospital - Read this Swisslog Healthcare Solutions white paper to understand what hospital architects and facility planners should know about automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs)