Higher order fulfillment efficiency

Decrease Picking Costs and Time

Efficient, profitable zone-to-zone order picking

Product Picking from Zone-to-Zone: Higher Order Fulfillment Efficiency

A single-item picking solution, Swisslog’s zone-to-zone products reduce picker travel time, creating an extremely efficient process.

Zone-to-zone picking allows the picker to remain in one pick zone and place items into the order tote as it passes through different zones. If the order requires items from another pick zone, the order tote is routed to that zone and a second picker completes the order. Swisslog’s zone-to-zone solutions eliminate unnecessary steps for a faster moving, more flexible process.

Part goods-to-person and part person-to-goods, zone-to-zone picking considers the velocity of each product before allocating it to the optimum pick slot. Faster moving items will have static picking locations, whereas slower moving items may be moved to the pick face when required.


CaddyPick’s semi-automated monorail picking system transports store-specific order units through aisles for error-free picking and order fulfillment. >>



ZoneRunner increases picking accuracy and performance of single items. The semi-automated, piece-pick solution allows for high visibility of totes and cartons throughout retail and food warehouse environments. >>


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