Swisslog’s WarehouseRunner improves efficiency of storage and retrieval in automated warehouses

Achieve Efficient Storage and Retrieval

Ensure efficiency from receiving to shipping

WarehouseRunner for Storage and Retrieval: Increase Efficiency Throughout the Warehouse

The WarehouseRunner concept ensures efficient receiving, maximum pallet throughput, high storage density and smooth shipping. This storage and retrieval concept is ideally suited for automated warehouses with high density and rapid throughput.

The Warehouse Runner is an industry solution for storage and retrieval in automated warehouses. It consists of a receiving module, storage and internal transport module and a shipping module. These three modules are combined intelligently to create efficient processes for receiving, high-speed internal transport, high-density stock keeping and rapid shipping.

  • Optimal space utilization through high-storage density automated warehouse
  • Shorter lead times for customer orders
  • Improved picking accuracy
  • Less damage to goods
  • Optimized outbound transport routes through pallet load sequencing
  • SKU range: 200 - 5 500
  • Pallets received/shipped daily: 1 500 - 6 000
  • Pallet storage locations: 20 000 - 100 000
  • Number of stacker cranes: 4 - 16
  • Conveyor palletstransported per hour: 100 - 250
  • Monorail pallets transported per hour: 250 - 500

The quality of solution offered by Swisslog outstripped their competitors and reflected their knowledge of CCA’s business needs.

Derek O'Donnell, Coca-Cola Amatil

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