Swisslog’s PickRunner is a modular, efficient picking and replenishment solution.

Automated Putaway and Replenishment with PickRunner

Efficient picking solution for single SKU pallets

Swisslog’s PickRunner automates hauling, putaway, and replenishment functions.

Automated Putaway And Replenishment With PickRunner

Efficient picking solution for single SKU pallets

PickRunner Automated Picking Solution

Swisslog’s PickRunner is an automated, modular picking solution for single SKU pallets and cases that helps streamline hauling, putaway, and replenishment processes.

The PickRunner modular picking solution integrates buffer storage and automatic picking, as well as optimized person-to-goods functionality for efficient, accurate warehouse logistics processes. This automated putaway and replenishment solution is ideally suited for companies that want to deploy initial automation steps or that do not have a product range that can accommodate additional automation measures.

  • Streamlined and more efficient processes
  • High accuracy and order fulfillment rates
  • Double-deep pick slots and short replenishment cycles
  • Multilevel picking for efficient building storage
  • Increased inventory accuracy and visibility
  • SKUs on hand: 300 - 5 000
  • Picked cases: 30 000 - 200 000/day
  • Received pallets: 500 - 2 500/day
  • Number of pick floor levels: 1-3
  • Number of transport levels: 1
  • Number of stacker cranes: 3-18
  • Pick faces per system: 1-3 types
  • Arla Foods, Sweden
    After thorough studies and simulations, Arla Foods decided to automate and mechanize their dairy distribution centers’ handling processes with Swisslog’s logistics solutions.
  • Walker Snack Food, United Kingdom
    After being acquired by Frito-Lay, Walker Snack Foods enlisted Swisslog for new picking and dispatch facilities to assist in their growth.
  • Unilever

The Swisslog solution fits in with the Arla containers and the existing production structure. The container system was developed to achieve the automation, which now has been performed.

Göran Henriksson, Arla Foods

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