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Place&Trace: Automate Your Pharmaceutical Logistics Processes

What If You Could Reduce Risk, Increase Production And Improve Traceability?

Full Control Over Your Pharmaceutical Intralogistics Processes With Place&Trace

Swisslog’s integrated Place&Trace solution portfolio supports you in ensuring the product quality through the entire material flow of your warehouse. Compact, flexible and reliable systems deliver the right materials, in the right quantities to the right location on the production line at precisely the right time and ensure a controlled and efficient production process. Compared to traditional warehouses, our solutions can store twice as much in the same amount of space which enables you to deal with the growing product ranges. Furthermore, our automated transport systems handle the more frequent movements to many different destinations with ease and confidence. Finally, our proven solutions meet the requirements for temperature controlled areas.

Place&Trace is a modular concept that can be tailored to fulfil your specific needs. With an automated pallet warehouse at the heart of the system, proven material handling technology and software which supports GMP validation our industry experts design and implement your solution to fit and complement your production processes and reduce potential risk.

You can reduce your risk with our up-to-date software and best-in-class design and implementation processes. They provide a reliable solution from a single source.


Space requirements up to 60% more stock in the same space.

Product Safety

Different temperature zones, full Track&Trace capabilities.


Scalable solutions for 100 to 600 pallet movements per hour.


Fully automated transport by automated guided vehicles.

Lead Time

Just in time delivery to production lines with responses within minutes.

  • Optimal control over products

  • More space for production, thanks to compact, reliable storage of products in carefully controlled environments

  • Increased production efficiency through just-in-time supply of materials

  • Fewer interfaces and a reduced supplier base through integrated single-source solutions

Our Customers


“The system went through the ramp-up stage after pilot production in November 2013, and is currently operating well, with all key performance indicators meeting specifications. We believe the logistics system designed by Swisslog will meet the demands of Livzon’s production facilities in future.”

Li Yan, Supply Chain Director of Livzon Pharmaceutical.

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