Click&Pick high-speed picking solution is ideal for e-commerce order fulfillment

Benefit From Goods-To-Person Picking Solutions

Increase pick rates, efficiency and accuracy

Goods-to-Person Single-Item Picking

Swisslog’s goods-to-person picking solutions offer extremely fast, efficient and accurate order fulfillment while minimizing manual tasks and travel for pickers.

Goods-to-person single-item picking delivers products to a static pick station. The picker removes the products, which are then added to a specific pallet or tote order. Swisslog’s goods-to-person picking solutions are based on proven principles to boost efficiency, maximize storage space and make it virtually impossible to pick the wrong product and/or quantity.

Ideal for e-commerce and retail warehouses and distribution centers, Swisslog’s automated goods-to-person solutions improve throughput and minimize inventory control, resulting in a simplified, streamlined picking process.


Click&Pick is a modular concept that can be tailored to meet existing requirements and flexibly adapted to changing customer needs and business models in e-commerce and omni-channel sales. >>



FreezerPick is an innovative picking system for frozen products, which relocates the manual picking process from the deep-freeze warehouse to a chilled area. >>



Place&Trace is a modular concept that can be tailored to fulfil your specific needs and therefore is a reliable solution for the pharma industry. >>