StackRunner automates picking processes

Achieve the Benefits of Fully Automated Picking

Streamline order fulfillment and increase accuracy

Fully Automated Picking Solutions

Swisslog develops solutions that meet today’s needs and are flexible enough to adapt to ever-changing requirements. Our fully automated picking solutions deliver benefits now, but also help warehouses prepare for a future where no manpower is needed.

Fully automated picking solutions are the first step toward a future of complete automation – a future where manpower is focused on value-added functions, not repetitive, time-consuming tasks. The end result is improved productivity, speed, accuracy and flexibility throughout the order fulfillment process.

With fully automated picking solutions from Swisslog, warehouses can ensure accurate order fulfillment and consistent workflow throughout the year. No longer will seasonality issues and staff shortages impact output.


StackRunner is a fully automated stack handling and picking system for products in reusable containers. Ideal for high-volume products, StackRunner relies on robots to handle crates, bins and other stackable load units. >>

Fast and efficient picking to support your business

AutoPiQ Single Item Picking

The AutoPiQ solution is designed for repeated single item picks to fulfil fast delivery of orders. It combines effectively Swisslog's existing intralogistics concepts such as CarryPick or AutoStore with robot picking. >>

AutoPiQ can be combined with other storage and conveyor systems


ACPaQ is a universally applicable solution for fully automated order picking of mixed case pallets based on customers‘ requirements. It combines best-in-class KUKA robotics and Swisslog‘s long-term experience in building logistics solutions. >>

ACPaQ mixed case palletizing 2

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