Improve patient and staff experiences

Optimize material handling through automation

Material Handling Workflow

Hospitals continually face a number of material transport challenges that can stand in the way of optimizing the overall patient experience. Often dealing with limited storage space, hospitals must rely on just-in-time inventory. But supply delivery delays, incorrect handling and facility damage are common. In addition, employee shortages, turnover and the need to do more with less add further pressures to material handling workflows. With an inefficient process, it not only takes longer but it also costs more to deliver the high-quality service patients deserve and expect.

Optimizing the material handling process is a cost-effective way to increase efficiency, and therefore  provide better patient service. Swisslog’s automated material transport and handling solutions include pneumatic tube systems, automated guided vehicles, electric track vehicles and autonomous mobile robots that safely and quickly manage pick-up and delivery of goods throughout the hospital. By eliminating the need for manual material transport, hospitals can deliver supplies on demand, streamline workflow, reduce waste and empower staff to focus on delivering direct patient care.

Pneumatic Tube Systems

Delivering prompt, customized care is critical to improving the patient experience and ultimately enabling better patient outcomes. Swisslog’s family of pneumatic tube systems helps hospitals meet patient needs by efficiently transporting drugs, documents and specimens to and from nurses’ stations, labs, inpatient and outpatient pharmacies, blood banks and the ED.

TransCar® Automated Guided Vehicle

TransCar Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) help hospitals take control of their on-demand and routine material transport activities. By using self-guided vehicles, staff can remain focused on patient-care activities instead of delivering materials, thereby improving quality of care and reducing operational costs.

Delivery Manager banner1

Delivery Manager

Impending medication tracking legislation, including the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), is leading health systems to explore new procedures, standards and technology to achieve compliance. Maintaining control of the medication distribution process in your hospital is a critical piece of ensuring chain-of-custody. Delivery Manager is an intelligent tracking application that provides a single point of control, accountability and traceability throughout the entire delivery process. Transcendent of any single hospital department, the service combines technology and best practice workflow to track materials throughout the hospital.

Warehouse Manager banner1

Warehouse Manager

At the heart of every consolidated service center is an intuitive software system that orchestrates material movement. Swisslog Warehouse Manager is actively managing the workflows of over 275 distribution centers worldwide, including complex retail, ecommerce and pharmaceutical supply chains.