Automate unit-dose packaging

Minimize human touch points for greater patient safety

Unit Dose Packaging

Unit-dose packaging was developed to help nurses efficiently and safely dispense patient-specific medication. In US hospitals, a majority (≥ 75%) of oral doses are dispensed in unit-dose form. Many pharmaceutical companies prepackage some medications in unit-of-use form. However, hospital pharmacies need to package medications not available in manufacturer’s unit doses; or may choose to purchase bulk supplies and repackage them into unit doses to reduce drug costs. As with any manual process, packaging and dispensing medication by hand can introduce errors that are then passed on to patients.

Swisslog helps eliminate medication errors with automated tablet packaging and pharmacy automation systems. Our medication management systems enable hospitals to provide the right medication in the right dose to the right patient. Bulk drugs are packaged into individualized doses and then barcoded for easy identification and tracking.

Automated medication packaging and dispensing provide quality assurance, eliminate confirmation bias and enhance patient safety. Additionally, with barcoded, unit-dose packages, staff can quickly dispense and deliver medications, minimizing wait times and ultimately helping patients heal faster.

PillPick® Automated Packaging and Dispensing System

A pharmacy automation system, PillPick helps hospitals eliminate the opportunity for medication errors during packaging and dispensing—ultimately increasing patient safety. PillPick decreases human touches in bar coding, packaging, storing and dispensing unit dose medications. By automating these tasks, the packaging and dispensing system streamlines hospital pharmacy operations and increases accuracy.

Automated Tablet Packaging System

ATP®-Series - Automated Tablet Packaging System

(Exclusive to North America)

Hospitals and pharmacies rely on the ATP to streamline medication management. The versatile system automates tablet packaging to increase staff efficiency and patient safety.