System Design Analysis

Optimize material transport system performance

Let our System Design Analysis group help improve the efficiency of your new or existing material handling system

System Design Analysis

Changes in operation, facility growth and increased patient-care services impact the performance of automated material management and material transport systems. When a material handling system is inefficient, staff respond by manually transporting materials, which results in lost time and money, reduces quality patient care and defeats the purpose of having an automated material transport system altogether.

Relying on nearly 100 years of pneumatic tube system design and installation experience, the Swisslog System Design Analysis (SDA) group works closely with designers, planners, architects and facility management to ensure pneumatic transport systems and other automated material handling systems meet each hospital’s specific needs for throughput, scalability and peak demand.

The SDA group provides customer-based analysis to full system design and specification for new and existing material management and transport systems. With thorough infrastructure planning, material flow analysis and proper installation requirements and guidance from our experienced team, hospitals can optimize system performance, meet requirements for today and tomorrow and help improve patient care.

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