Automatically manage transaction information

Track pneumatic tube carriers and their contents from dispatch to retrieval

Chain of Custody

To ensure medications, patient specimens and other materials have not been contaminated, tampered with or mishandled during transport, hospitals can rely on Swisslog chain-of-custody solutions to track pneumatic tube carriers and their contents from dispatch to retrieval. Featuring advanced system capabilities, our chain-of-custody solutions automatically manage sender and receiver information, delivery confirmation and event/alert notifications – eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual tracking.

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With total chain of custody for automated material transport, hospitals can reduce risk and protect patients by:

  • Tracking content and carrier from dispatch to arrival
  • Restricting access to approved personnel only
  • Confirming delivery departure and arrival
  • Notifying staff of arrival, maintenance issues or equipment failures
  • Recording all transactions to address compliance or regulatory concerns
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Delivery Manager

Impending medication tracking legislation, including the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), is leading health systems to explore new procedures, standards and technology to achieve compliance. Maintaining control of the medication distribution process in your hospital is a critical piece of ensuring chain-of-custody. Delivery Manager is an intelligent tracking application that provides a single point of control, accountability and traceability throughout the entire delivery process. Transcendent of any single hospital department, the service combines technology and best practice workflow to track materials throughout the hospital.

Automate drug storage and retrieval.

BoxPicker™ Automated Pharmacy Storage System

With the BoxPicker Automated Pharmacy Storage System, hospital pharmacies can fully automate medication storage and retrieval; which not only eliminates picking errors and increases safety at dispense, but also creates a more efficient pharmacy workflow This high-density pharmacy automation system eliminates the need for static shelving and is a robotic replacement for vertical pharmacy carousel systems, refrigerated drug storage and narcotic vaults.

PillPick® Automated Packaging and Dispensing System

A pharmacy automation system, PillPick helps hospitals eliminate the opportunity for medication errors during packaging and dispensing—ultimately increasing patient safety. PillPick decreases human touches in bar coding, packaging, storing and dispensing unit dose medications. By automating these tasks, the packaging and dispensing system streamlines hospital pharmacy operations and increases accuracy.

TransLogic® Pneumatic Tube System

Specially designed to handle hospitals’ automated material transport needs, the TransLogic Pneumatic Tube System delivers patient-critical items quickly and reliably. This leading pneumatic tube system ensures delivery performance – even at peak times – to eliminate wait times and reduce manual labor. With the time saved from delivering materials, medications, IVs, paperwork and lab samples, staff can focus on patient-care activities.

TranspoNetTM Pneumatic Tube System

(Not available in North America)

Substantially increase efficiency throughout your entire hospital with the TranspoNet Pneumatic Tube System. This PC-controlled pneumatic tube system was designed to meet hospitals’ need for spontaneous transport of lab, blood and tissue samples, as well as documents and rapid sections. By using the PC-controlled air tube system, staff can focus on patient care instead of wasting valuable time moving materials among floors and departments.

WhoTube™ Card Access for PTS

The WhoTube Card Access System provides additional security for pneumatic tube systems. Stations equipped with WhoTube require the swipe of a valid access card to unlock the station control panel and the station access doors. Only approved users can send carriers, and the card access system ensures that only the assigned recipient is able to unlock the secure storage module in the receiving station. All sender and retriever information is recorded with each transaction.

TransLogic Carriers

Carriers for the TransLogic® PTS

TransLogic carriers safely and reliably transport lab specimens, IVs, pharmaceuticals, documents, supplies and other materials throughout the hospital’s pneumatic tube system. Solid and durable, these pneumatic tube system carriers protect contents as they travel and are easy to load and unload.

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