Swisslog provides comprehensive training to support your safely and efficiently operate material handling and automation systems

Enhance Your Employees’ Skills

Improve safety and prevent downtime by properly training your team

Operator and Safety Training: Improve Reliability and Safety through Training

Swisslog offers comprehensive operator and safety training programs to help customers optimize the use of their warehouse automation systems. Through proper training, your employees can improve the long-term performance of your system, quickly resolve errors and prevent downtime.

As part of our comprehensive training program, our qualified trainers assess the technical skills of your team or specific employees and then develop tailored training plans to enhance their competencies and encourage safe working practices.

As the operator of automatic equipment, you must regularly train your employees on safe operation. We have a proven training safety program that can be supplemented with customized courses to meet your needs and regulatory requirements.

Workforces regularly experience turnover. Unfortunately, that can mean valuable experience with your automated systems could be lost. We can train your new employees to safely operate the systems and perform minor maintenance on the equipment.

Safety Trainings in Switzerland

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