Detailed model planning and testing prior to implementation

Selecting the right solution design for sustainable warehouse operations

Shape your efficient, futureproof automated warehouse concept before implementation

Detailed Planning & Simulation before Implementation to Protect Your Investment

From the possible solutions presented in the concept study, we recommend the one that works best for our customers and refine to meet all the requirements for IT, subsystem control, material flow and building properties.

Plan, simulate, implement: Protect your investment

Following careful analysis and consulting around your specific needs, we design customized solutions and lay out all the options in a concept study to make choosing the best solution a simple task. After the initial concept stage, the next step in the Swisslog journey is a detailed planning process to ensure our customers move ahead with the most accurate and efficient solution.

Together with the customer, we pursue the design that works best and when required, use innovative data driven technologies such as virtual reality to simulate the user’s physical presence in the new warehouse environment. In addition to allowing movement in the space and interaction with the objects it contains, VR can also be used to determine the optimal flow of materials in future or to observe system performance during projected peak times.

With more than 30 years of experience and a proven project methodology, Swisslog’s warehouse simulation services include:

  • Checking system performance to identify bottlenecks and oversizing
  • Establishing strategies and visualizing functionalities
  • Analyzing behaviours to identify malfunctions

By providing a full picture of the solution right from the planning stage, we make sure you get the most from your investment. As a result, we are able to provide the verification you need to ensure a concept meets your requirements before its implemented, and proves a solid investment for the future.

  • Understanding of business strategy and future needs guarantees scalable and flexible solutions
  • Ability to create custom designs based on specific needs
  • Decades of expertise and industry knowledge proven in more than 1 000 completed projects
  • Consulting based on latest market trends
  • Streamlined workflows and processes
  • Durable, proven technology
  • Reduced implementation risks
  • Checking the system performance to identify bottlenecks and oversizing
  • Setting strategies and visualizing functionalities
  • Analyzing behaviors to detect malfunctions