Analysis for optimized designs

Predict Your Future Warehouse Needs

Concept studies rely on accurate data analysis and are essential to developing the right solution – today and tomorrow

Maximize the Performance of Your Warehouse: Analysis for Optimized Solution Designs

Easily realize greenfield projects, expand or upgrade your warehouse with Swisslog. Based on detailed data analyses from material flow to order structuring, we help you realize your complex warehouse projects by addressing your unique needs and providing industry expertise.

A proper understanding of your business by analyzing its operational data, is crucial for the success of a solution design. At Swisslog, our teams take the time to assess our customers’ business, challenges and aspirations, in order to provide the right automated warehouse solution. We collect and perform a number of different data analyses, including material flow, transport and storage units, as well as order structures and volumes. As a result, we are able to better understand and forecast growth factors, and we can design solutions that are ready for your challenges both today and in the future.

With more than three decades of consulting experience, Swisslog has successfully completed more than
1 000 projects for customers worldwide. At the core of our success is consistently delivering unique and adaptable designs that enhance productivity.

  • Proven, customized and future-proof designs
  • Market analysis for on-trend solutions
  • In-depth data analyses for accurate forecasting
  • Worldwide experience across multiple industries
  • Incorporation of customer strategy and business development
  • Data analysis (material flow data, transport and storage units, item structures, order structures) 
  • Operations and processes
  • Investment and operating cost estimates, workforce requirements analysis
  • Comparison of variants and utility analysis