From Initial Stages to Construction and Completion

Implementation: On Schedule and at a Fixed Price

Highly successful management processes offer our customers all the reassurance they need that their project will be managed efficiently and transparently.

Single Point of Contact: For Reduced Interfaces and Complexity

As a system integrator, Swisslog is a fully committed partner to your project – from initial stages to construction and completion. We also provide quality management and generate added value for our customers.

Swisslog’s implementation services ensure that every project stays on time and within budget. We handle the design, installation and integration of logistics systems to reduce the number of interfaces and the degree of complexity. Dedicated project managers are responsible for enforcing cost, scheduling targets, managing all activities and implementing required logistics solutions. In addition, project managers act as the first point of contact and the interface to partners and customers, streamlining the communication process.

Swisslog has ISO 9001 quality management certification, ensuring that we meet the needs of customers, as well as the regulatory requirements for our products.

  • Professionally trained and experienced employees
  • Seamless integration of subsystems and software
  • Single point of contact
  • Onsite operational support: All Swisslog Project Managers are trained and certified according to PMI® Project Management Model
  • Complete range of services