Swisslog’s warehouse storage systems optimize existing storage space and speeds up the storage and retrieval of pallets, cases, totes and trays

Warehouse Storage

Optimize existing warehouse storage areas

Warehouse Storage Systems

Swisslog’s warehouse storage systems adapt to building structures to maximize storage space. Systems offer a variety of configurations to meet requirements. From small parts and single items to pallets, the systems make storage and retrieval more efficient.

AutoStore – Case Handling

An automated small parts storage system, AutoStore efficiently picks and stores single items and small cases to make better use of available space and increase efficiency at integrated goods-to-person workstations. >>

AutoStore - Case Handling

CycloneCarrier – Case Handling Shuttle System

The CycloneCarrier shuttle system for efficient storage and transportation can handle a wide variety of cartons, trays and totes. >>

Swisslog CycloneCarrier shuttle storage system for fast and reliable box handling processes in warehouses

CarryPick – Flexible Handling

CarryPick is flexible, scalable and quickly adjustable to changing demands in warehousing. It is specifically designed for the intralogistics requirements fulfilling e-Commerce business where product variability, delivery time and cost efficiency are daily challenges. >>


Vectura – Pallet Handling

With its proven technology and flexible design, Swisslog’s Vectura pallet stacker crane accommodates a wide variety of pallet configurations - single, double and multideep - in high-bay warehouses and distribution centers. >>

Vectura - Pallet Handling

Tornado – Case Storage

With its dynamic, modular, and light design, the Swisslog Tornado miniload crane makes automated case storage faster and more energy-efficient. >>

Tornado – Case Storage

PowerStore - PalletShuttleSystem

PowerStore is a shuttle storage and retrieval system designed for deep lane storage of palletized loads. >>