Tornado Miniload Crane

Fast, efficient & reliable - Swisslog Tornado miniload cranes combine lightweight and robust design for future-proof light goods storage.

Automated Case Storage with Tornado Miniload Cranes
By combining modern control technology, consistent weight optimization and a patented mast and rail design, Swisslog’s Tornado miniload crane is ideally suited for a variety of automated case storage requirements across a wide range of applications.

  • High throughput
    Fast and accurate positioning process thanks to outstanding lightweight design and optimized drive trains
  • Reliable operation
    The connection method of the aluminum structure avoids fatigue
  • Energy-efficient solution
    20% less energy consumption due to lightweight design, energy-efficient drive and transmission technology
  • Compact storage layouts
    Attractive storage heights thanks to distinctive mast stiffness and maximized storage utilization due to optimized floor and top chassis
  • Perfectly suited for retrofit projects
  • Payload: up to 120 kg, standard, higher loads on request
  • Aisle height: 5 to 20 (24) m
  • Operating speed: up to 6 m/s
  • Vertical speed: up to 3 m/s
  • Acceleration: up to 4 m/s2
  • Storage density horizontal/vertical: single, double and quadruple deep
  • Temperature range: standard, chilled, freeze, and deep freeze versions (down to –28° C)
  • Load types: standard or custom bins or trays (uniform or mixed sizes),
    variable sized cartons, or application specific solutions


  • FactSheet Tornado 639788

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