Minimize risk of fraud, theft and human error

Automate storage, management and retrieval of personal documents

Eliminate manual sorting and alphabetizing

All documents are placed in individual storage locations

Store and retrieve documents quickly and securely

Automatic transport eliminates contact with human hands

PaspoMaat® Automated Document Management System

(Not available in North America)

The PaspoMaat fully automates the storage, management and retrieval of important documents, including driver’s licenses, identification cards, passports and more. The automated document management system streamlines processes and greatly increases security.

Documents are scanned and placed in a special envelope. Envelopes are transported through a pneumatic tube line to their individual storage location within the PaspoMaat. No manual transport, sorting or filing is needed. Staff can then request the documents using a series of quick transactions, and documents will be automatically sent from the secure location via the transport line. With the press of a button, staff can determine which documents are still present in their storage locations and the length of time they’ve been there. Owners of the documents can be reminded to pick up their IDs through an automated SMS.

The PaspoMaat eliminates the likelihood of important documents being misplaced or left unattended. By automating document management, government organizations can greatly reduce fraud and prevent identity theft.   

"The PaspoMaat is the most secure solution for storing travel documents and driving licenses. If you want to increase efficiency, speed and security, take a PaspoMaat."

Ben Wilpshof, Mobility Manager, Gemeente Apeldoorn

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