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Complete Order Visibility

Tracks movement of materials within the hospital from the time the order is received by the pharmacy to the time it is delivered

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Flexible Transport Methods

Accommodates multiple types of transport methods, including manual or automated delivery

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Convenient Access

Kiosks provide complete visibility of all order details, including status, location and delivery method

Delivery Manager

Impending medication tracking legislation, including the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), is leading health systems to explore new procedures, standards and technology to achieve compliance. Maintaining control of the medication distribution process in your hospital is a critical piece of ensuring chain-of-custody. Delivery Manager is an intelligent tracking application that provides a single point of control, accountability and traceability throughout the entire delivery process. Transcendent of any single hospital department, the service combines technology and best practice workflow to track materials throughout the hospital.

Delivery Manager offers complete visibility of all order details, including status, location and delivery method. The Swisslog pneumatic tube system (PTS) communicates directly to Delivery Manager software through RFID technology – instantly updating the status of any order being sent through the tube system. Unlike other PTScontent tracking solutions, the Delivery Manager service extends outside of the tubes, to include other manual and automated transportation methods. 

Built on the proven Swisslog enterprise software platform, pharmacy automation clients can easily expand their subscriptions to include Delivery Manager.

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