Automated Cash Handling for the Banking Industry

Automated Currency and Valuables Handling for Banks

Automated processing and storage ensures the banking industry has the security, traceability and reliability it requires.

designed to maximize security and minimize error
Security, traceability and reliability

Automated Cash Handling for the Banking Industry: Protect Money and Valuables at All Times

Swisslog’s automated systems for the banking industry help commercial and central banks to reduce touch points, thereby increasing security in the storage, processing and distribution of cash and valuables.

In the banking industry, security is paramount. To ensure that money and valuables are safe at all times, banks must have complete control of their cash handling and distribution processes. Manual processes place banks at risk for operational inefficiencies, unauthorized or uncontrolled access to valuables and inaccurate handling. Automated systems for cash handling and money distribution can minimize these risks in the banking industry – and ensure security, traceability and reliability.

Swisslog’s automated systems for cash handling optimize workflows and processes. Our industry experts have a wealth of market knowledge, working with central and commercial banks around the world to understand challenges and implement the right solution for their needs. 

  • Minimize manual intervention
  • Maintain full transparency on the flow of goods
  • Digitally identify and trace goods from storage to the final destination
  • Prevent unauthorized and uncontrolled access
  • Avoid keeping cash and valuables in unsecured areas
  • UBS, Switzerland
  • Central Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait
  • Credit Suisse, Switzerland
  • SIX Group, Switzerland
  • Central and commercial banks in Asia

Secure, Traceable & Reliable Warehouse Operation

Automating warehouses reduces human touch points, hinders access to valuables and replaces paper-based processes with encrypted digitally managed information. Swisslog’s comprehensive services and product portfolio enables organizations to plan and build secure, reliable facilities for storing, distributing and tracing currency and other valuables. >>

Warehouse Operation

Cash Handling

The TranspoCash and Urgence21 pneumatic tube systems optimize the cash handling process and save costs. The systems provide high-speed transport of cash and documents in a safe and secure manner. >>

Cash Handling