Smoothly and efficiently design and install hospital automation systems

Swisslog helps hospital architects and planners build and update facilities that optimize personnel workloads and enhance patient experiences

Construction and General Contracting

Swisslog hospital construction and architectural services support the work of hospital architects, planners and contractors as they design, plan and implement automated material transport systems and workflow improvement solutions in both new and existing facilities.

Hospital buildings today must efficiently balance the needs of patients with the desire to optimize staff workflows. Thus, hospital administrators often rely on hospital architects, planners and general contractors to plan and execute the construction of new buildings, expansions and renovations. While hospital architects and planners aren’t the end users of hospital automation systems, they must understand these systems so they can ensure the hospital is equipped with the right material transport systems. 


Swisslog works closely with hospital architects, planners and contractors to install the right automation systems in the right way. Our consultants help analyze needs, evaluate designs and address current and future workflow requirements – ensuring the installed material transport system increases efficiency and enhances the patient experience. Our hospital construction and architectural services include:

  • Material transport surveys
  • Workflow analysis
  • Preliminary needs analysis
  • System design analysis
  • System support agreements
  • Spare parts and logistics
  • AIA-certified training classes

AIA-Certified Continuing Education

Swisslog helps hospital architects understand how to best incorporate material transport systems into new and existing hospital facilities. Course topics include:

  • The appropriate application of material transport systems
  • Installation methods and requirements
  • How to evaluate proposed solutions

Architects who are AIA members can qualify for one learning unit of credit through the Swisslog AIA Continuing Education Program.